When I was a kid one of my favourite tv shows was Rod Serling’s “The Twilight Zone”

I remember one show where the passengers in a plane come through the sky only to discover that on their flight they’ve gone back dramatically in time.  On their first attempt at landing there are dinosaurs roaming around, on the second it looks like the nineteenth century.  On their third and final attempt the pilot tells them that the best he can do is about 1940.

That show reminds me of the Harper government.

They don’t have a vision of Canada as it is, let alone as it could be.  They live in a little world called Harperville.  Daddy goes out to work and Mommy stays home.  There are good guys and bad guys.  The bad guys get killed or go to jail.

Daddy definitely knows best, and his word is law.  If you like Daddy you can talk to him or even have your picture taken with him.  If Daddy doesn’t like you he will be very stern with you, and he won’t even talk to you.

Harperville is a land of conformity, not of freedom or diversity.  There is an unreal attempt in the current campaign to make Stephen Harper look warm and cuddly, but he reminds me nothing so much as the story of Little Red Riding Hood, so when I see him I say “Gran’ma what big teeth you have” !

Or another TV riff, the Mayor played by John Candy giving these inane little stories about this and that – Stephen Harper on foreign policy “before we came along nothing much happened and nobody did their job but now that we’re here everything’s ok so go to bed now and just don’t worry about it”.  It is to laugh.

You can dress him up, or dress him down, but it won’t work – the Stephen Harper I see every day in the House of Commons is a Nixonian control freak who will twist, turn, and downright lie when it suits his purpose.  He’ll accuse someone of being soft on terrorism or a friend of the Taliban without blinking an eye, or even making eye contact.  He is dangerous with a minority – just announced a “fixed date” for Afghan withdrawal.  Is that sort of like the “fixed date” for the election ?  Time to give this guy the old heave ho.

Wake up Canada, don’t let the body snatchers put us all to sleep.  This is a bad government, led by a man whose word is not his bond.  Ask the people who invested in income trusts because he said he would protect their money.  Poor Ryan Sparrow – he forgot what movie he was in, and forgot that Perry Como was supposed to be at Sussex Drive for 35 days.

Bob Rae is a former member of Parliament and former premier of Ontario.