I am a Liberal because I believe in the dignity and equality of every human being and I believe in a democracy where we care about what happens to each other.

I believe that the pursuit of prosperity, social justice and sustainability can best be achieved together, and that bringing them together is the job of an accountable and democratic government.

I want the policies to achieve that to be based on evidence, on what works, and not on ideology.

I am a Liberal because I believe that love is stronger than hate, because I believe in celebrating success and never resenting it, and because I do not mock failure.

I believe in enough government to help us all achieve success, but not too much government to stifle initiative and creativity.  I understand that markets are the best way to create prosperity, that a progressive tax system is necessary to pay for programmes, and that all of us – individuals, families, businesses and governments have to live within our means.

I want every child to have the love, support and education they need, and everyone to have a job that reinforces dignity and security.  I want those who are less able to receive the support they need, and to allow those who are older to continue to live in dignity.

I believe that access to good health care, education and housing to be fundamental attributes of a good society, and well within our means as a successful society.
I believe in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the independence of judges.  I believe that punishment should fit the crime, that public security needs to be protected, and that a good and strong society will encourage rehabilitation and change.  I would rather build a school than a prison, and believe that it is important to be as tough on the conditions that give rise to crime as we are on crime itself.

I am a Liberal in Canada because I want us to build a better world based on the rule of law, where we celebrate and share our values.
I believe that while charity and justice begin at home, their pursuit does not end there.  The reduction of violence, the protection of rights, the closing of the gap between rich and poor, the greening of the planet are all best achieved with an approach that starts at home but embraces the world.

I am a Liberal and a proud Canadian.  I am proud to be a member of a party that has consistently supported an ever expanding sense of  citizenship based on our inherent  rights as free women and men, of our two official languages, French and English, a distinct Canadian flag, a federalism that celebrates the unique identities and rights of Canadian provinces and territories, and understands the need for a deeper reconciliation between aboriginal Canadians and all those who have, through the centuries chosen to make Canada home.  I am proud of a country that celebrates free expression, diversity and pluralism, and the right of everyone to be themselves without fear of discrimination.

We came here in many boats.  We’re in the same boat now.

The resilience of the liberal idea gives us hope and strength.  Our task is to keep building a country and a party worthy of the idea itself.

Photo by Simon Hayter for MACLEANS