As a senior partner at OKT Law – Olthuis Kleer Townshend LLP, Bob works with First Nations across Canada as legal counsel, advisor, negotiator, and arbitrator bringing decades of experience as a lawyer and public leader at the highest levels of government.  Bob acts as Advisor to the Matawa Chiefs Tribal Council respecting the potential development of the area in north western Ontario known as The Ring of Fire, and as Chairman of the First Nations Limited Partnership (FNLP) in British Columbia, in addition to providing legal and strategic advice.

He also has a strong background in negotiations, strategic planning and community and economic development. Bob’s legal practice focuses on First Nations, Aboriginal and Governance issues.


In addition to my law practice at OKT, I also work as a mediator and arbitrator through ADR Chambers. I have experience in commercial and employment related disputes, but I do not handle family matters. I have taken advanced courses in alternative dispute resolution, and enjoy this work very much.
In addition, I continue to interested in dispute resolution, governance, and constitutional issues both at home and internationally. I am a Senior Distinguished Fellow at the School of Public Policy and Governance at the
‎University of Toronto and a Fellow of the Forum of Federations, an international NGO based in Canada of which I am a founding member. My work for the Forum has involved extensive work in Sri Lanka, Kenya, Sudan, the Middle East, Mexico, and across Canada.


First Nations – 

As a senior partner at OKT Law, I work for First Nations on a range of issues that affect their communities. I am currently involved as lead negotiator for the nine Matawa communities in the Ring of Fire, and am Chairman of the First Nations Limited Partnership in British Columbia. These are complex issues involving the relationship between First Nations, governments, and resource companies. OKT is a firm of over twenty five lawyers specialising in First Nations and aboriginal law, involving constitutional, economic, environmental, and human rights issues.

*Bob Rae and Renée Pelletier at OKT Law - Toronto, Ontario.