Canada: Our Future and Our International Role
In this presentation Bob looks at the current state of the nation and where we fit within the  international community. He touches on international security, and working together collaboratively. Drawing from his past experience as leader of the Liberal Party, Bob offers unique insight on our geopolitical situation.

Aboriginal Issues
How do we build institutions that are based on respect? It is going to take some fundamental changes at the federal and provincial levels in terms of governance in order to make sure that the dignity of First Nations people is recognized. Bob looks at such issues as education, inequality, reparations and mental health-addictions.   It’s time for a new, respectful, practical partnership that fully recognizes First Nations rights and title, but goes beyond that to deal with self government and economic partnership.

Human Rights
Bob discusses housing, safety, income inequality and male/female issues.

Bob touches on a range of personal experiences to bring to life his story on healthcare. From his role restructuring the Red Cross after the tainted blood scandal, to donating bone marrow to his brother, to his advocacy in Mental Health issues.

Bob draws from his involvement in provincial and federal politics to look at the education system. In 2005,  Bob led the post-secondary commission in recommending changes to improve performance.